Harmony Rejuvenation
Plasma Pen

Treatment List

Most get amazing results after just one treatment but some require 2, and possibly 3, up to 4 on one area. Anywhere there’s excess skin it can be tightened. After initial treatment, any future treatments will get a 40% discount from 2nd, and 50% off after that (120min)

Spray rejuvenation whole

£200 for 3

Marionette folds

Nasolabial folds £250
Hooded eyelids with crows £250
Lower eyes with crows feet £250
Smokers lines £250
Jaw tightening £350
Hands £350
Décolleté  £400
Lip and smokers lines treatment £400

Plasma Pen

Treatment List

Signature Medik8 relaxing facial

Super facial gentle peel with fruit enzymes £25
Peel package, 6 peels including pre and post skincare(30min) £250

  • Light Peel-is a mild peel suitable for first-timers
  • Eye Peel is an ultra-gentle peel for around eye area
  • Age Peel restores collagen and stubborn signs of ageing
  • Beta Peel a powerful blend of acids that shrinks deeper pores and reduces breakouts
  • White Peel for hyperpigmentation and dull skin

Plasma Pen

Treatment List

Treatments booked in a course will get the last treatment free.
Free consultation, where your treatments can be tailored for your requirements.

Signature synergy face and neck lifting and toning with additional 15 min treatments of choice(60min)

£40 or £36 each on a course of 10

Synergy face and neck lifting and toning(45min)

£30 or £27 each on a course of 10
E.C.M cellulite, lifting and toning of buttocks and thighs(30min) £30 or £25 each on a course of 10
L.E.D orbital microdermabrasion/peel(30min) £25 or £20.83 each on a course of 10
Eye revive with CACI eye mask (40min) £25 or £22.50 each on a course of 10
Eyelift (30min) £20 or £18 each on a course of 10
Wrinkle revolution (30min) £20 or £18 each on a course of 10
Jowl lift (20min) £15 or £13.50 each on a course of 10
Red carpet face and neck lifting and toning with all facial treatments synergy offer(90min) £55
Hydromask and tone(20min) £15

Treatment List

The Power Plan (30mins) done in a course of 12 treatments for the best results from Dermalux. 2 treatments a week for 4 weeks, then oneaweektillthe8thweek. The Power Plan will dramatically improve a vast range of skin conditions with this intensive program.After the 8 weeks, you can maintain the results with a monthly Booster treatment.
The Booster treatments are a monthly treatment done after
the Power Plan, as maintenance. You can also enjoy a one-off treatment at any time if you have a skin concern, or for a rejuvenation fix.

The Power Plan £18 a session, last 2 sessions
free, works out at £15each
The Booster £18 (30min) standalone treatment.£13.50 (25%discount) to add onto CACI Synergy and Medik8 treatments