17 January 2022

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Do you too have a Food Intolerance?

Do you too have a Food Intolerance?

Do you too have a Food Intolerance?
What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance can occur when your body has difficulty digesting certain foods. When this occurs Over time, large food particles (proteins) may enter The bloodstream.
When food particles enter the bloodstream, the immune system can sometimes identify these Food protein particles as “foreign” and produces Igg antibodies to “attack” the food in question. This response is your immune system’s natural defense mechanism to ward off harmful invaders in The body that can create inflammation.
In general, people who have a food intolerance tend to experience:
• Skin reactions, acne, bloating, wind, and/or diarrhea
• Fatigue and depression

These symptoms usually happen a few hours after eating the food.

To start the new year in the right way, this test is the starting point if any of the above are you!?
Contact Melody 01229 582102 or 07912305258 today, to be on
Your way to a happier, healthier you!
What’s included in your salon consultation, which has a quick 7 day turn around £149:

• Discuss your results with a nutritional therapist. One 30-minute consultation included
• Measures all four subtypes of food-specific igg
• Simple finger-prick blood test
• Receive expert, accurate from our fully-accredited laboratory technicians
• Results listed in easy-to-read traffic light values: high, borderline, and normal reactivity
• Track your progress with a food and drinks diary
• This test is not available to customers who are pregnant or breastfeeding

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