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Christmas is just around the corner, and if there’s one thing more important than treating yourself to a top turkey or a ridiculous amount of stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce, it’s making sure you feel amazing – and after such a difficult year, we all definitely deserve a pamper!

While getting your nails done, having those brows shaped or enjoying a relaxing massage is always a welcome way to wind down, the festive season is a time to ramp up the self-care.

And Whitehaven has an endless list of fabulous beauty salons to visit – with plenty of luxurious options for all.

Tucked away in the pretty-as-a-picture Market Place, Timeless Beauty offers everything from lash lifts, eyebrow tints and nails to facials and massages.

So how could there be a more fitting place to visit to escape the stress of 2020, and slip into the light-as-a-cloud state you’ve dreamed of all year?

“Things have been a bit up and down this year,” owner Danielle Sewell said.

“After the first lockdown, everyone descended on us and we were really busy, then it tailed off a bit, and now after this second lockdown we’re fully booked until Christmas.


“It’s so amazing, and we’re so thankful for it – but I’ll be ready for a little break soon!”


Together, Danielle and her colleague Dannielle Millar offer top services in the most relaxing style, with their best seller being massages and holistic treatments.

And it’s no surprise that this year has seen a few more knots than usual.


Danielle said: “We’ve had people coming in who are working from home, and their backs are so sore and tense.

“We really try to offer the best service we can and make sure everyone is relaxed and really calm, which is something I think we all need after the year we’ve had!”

She added: “It means a lot when people come back to us, because without our customers, we wouldn’t be here.

“If people didn’t support their local and independent shops, the high street just wouldn’t exist anymore, so it’s definitely important for people to keep using the shops near them and help local businesses.”

And Moor Row's Beauty in the Barn is feeling just as much love, with its devoted clients popping back in to treat themselves week after week.

Owner Polly Sanders said: "It has been all over the place, and things still aren't normal even now, but I really do consider myself one of the lucky ones.

"Between the two lockdowns we have been so busy, and we've got such great clients who are really supportive, so we know we'll be okay no matter what happens because they are so brilliant."

With their Elemis facials,calming massages and more, the team have been thrilled to see so many people treating themselves this year, and taking care of their mental health.

"It's been so lovely to see people taking care of themselves, and getting facials and massages and things this year," Polly said.

"Because they haven't been able to go on holiday, or go out shopping as they normally would, it's really nice to see people still doing things to make themselves happy."

Down in Millom, the feeling is mutual, with Harmony Rejuvenation seeing plenty of people focusing on their skin – and supporting their local traders while doing so.

"It's been a very stressful time, financially and mentally, so people have definitely been thinking more about their skin and getting special courses of treatments when they can," owner Melody Forrest said.

"It's good to see, and it means so much to me obviously, because all my clients are friends – they all really support me, and they've kept me going through all of this."

And with specialist services on offer, including Dermalux LED, collagen boosts and plasma treatments and more, there is plenty of non-surgical options to get you looking your best at the end of a tough year.

Melody said: "It's about looking and feeling good – our treatments are all about making people feel pretty and confident, and that's so important to us.

"Everyone deserves to feel good, especially after everything that's gone on, so it really is good to see so many lovely clients coming back to us."

She added: "A massive thank you to everyone who visits us, and gives us so much support – our clients really are amazing, and we can't thank them enough for their loyalty."

There are countless beauty salons across the borough, from Mainstreet Hairdressing in Hensingham and Sparkles Beauty in Egremont, to The Vanity Case at Gosforth, New Image in Seascale and Envy Hair Nails and Beauty in Millom, and so many more.

So go out there and treat yourself to that golden tan you’ve been dreaming of, those perfect nails and fluttering new eyelashes – and feel like the gorgeous and confident you this Christmas!