Congratulations Ingrid, on your Red Carpet win. With the year we’ve had, I wanted to start the new year on a positive. Along with the 90 minute treatment, which includes our powerhouses, Medik8, CACI Synergy and Dermalux, we also gave away our Medik8 at home use kit.

At Medik8, our ultimate mission is to help you achieve Beautiful Skin for Life. We remember this every day, because it instructs our scientific evidence-based approach to product development.

Coming to the subject of skincare from outside the beauty industry, as scientists, we wanted to establish what were the main ingredients and technologies that made the most difference to skin ageing.

In this way, we could develop a simple ‘method’ with only the minimum number of products required so that everyone could adopt our philosophy to give skin its biggest bang for buck - and we could dedicate our time and focus to refining these few products.

So in 2009, when the Medik8 professional skincare line was developed, our founder, Elliot Isaacs, went on a skincare mission. Delving through scientific articles, published journals, and following real-time treatment outcomes seeking the answers we were looking for.

What was the simplest way to help people get Beautiful Skin for Life? He found that vitamin C, vitamin A and sunscreen were the most credible, well-researched ingredients with the most evidence to show that they really, truly work on the skin.

Incorporating these findings into a skincare routine that combined both results and practicality, we coined the term “CSA Philosophy” to describe our system of using Vitamin C in the day followed by Sunscreen, and then Vitamin A at night. Incredibly simple and grounded in science - it just works. This CSA method is becoming more and more mainstream by the day and we couldn't be happier.

With our tier 4 restrictions, I can’t do hands on, I’m clinic treatments. But I can still run a click and collect service, from Millom and Ulverston. And video consultations can go ahead, with try size products prescribed in that consultation, to use at home.

Take care, and all the best