Vegan Omega 3 supplement

Aliol is a vegan omega 3 from marine algae. Extremely rich in DHA & EPA essential fatty acids.

Vegan Omega 3 supplement

Aliol is a vegan omega 3 from marine algae. Extremely rich in DHA & EPA essential fatty acids.

Omega 3 is in every single one of our cells but we can’t make omega 3 ourselves so we have to source them from our diet. Traditionally fish oil supplements have been the main source of omega 3 in the western world. However now Aliol is an incredible alternative.

Aliol is rich in Omega 3

Aliol is created from algae, the amazing food that gives fish its incredibly high omega 3 content. Taking Aliol means that you are getting this wonder benefit directly without having to harvest fish.

DHA contributes to normal brain function and the maintenance of normal vision. EPA has long been associated with reducing inflammation and supporting the benefits of DHA

No fishy aftertaste

Aliol is completely fish free and has no fishy after taste.

Good for your heart, mind and skin

A 100% Omega 3 vegan supplement designed to look after your heart, mind and skin. Derived essential DHA and EPA fatty acids to nourish every cell in the body, reduce inflammation and support the balance of natural skin oils.

Why do vegans need Omega-3?

Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) provide energy, their caloric value is similar to other fats and oils, but unlike saturated fats, they have important health roles. As their name suggests, they are essential and must be consumed daily because the body has limited storage for them.
There are two essential fatty acids that the human body cannot produce: Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid which are important for brain development, immune system and blood pressure regulation.
Our diet today is vastly different from that of our ancestors. Early mankind ate large amounts of omega 3’s in their diet from fishing and food gathering. However, with an increased amount of processed foods in the modern diet, our intake is out of balance and too high in omega-6 fatty acids.
Aliol will help to correct that balance and provide healthy amounts of essential DHA and EPA.
DHA helps to look after our heart, mind and blood pressure, while EPA boosts skin’s natural oils and works as an anti-inflammatory.
Aliol is sourced from microalgae that is grown in a controlled environment eliminating the risk of oceanic contamination.