At the applicator tip of the planoplas® pen, a so-called plasma flash is generated with the help of ionized air. The transfer of energy to the skin takes place only when the applicator tip has a distance of about 0.5 mm to the skin, which means it does not come into direct contact with it. The visible result of the treatment is a thermal skin reaction, the so-called plasma points.

Each plasma spot creates an effect radius that contracts the skin in the immediate vicinity. Due to the optimal arrangement of the dots, an effect grid which causes a significant tightening of the area is created.
Overall, the treatment is low in complications, tissue-sparing and almost painless thanks to a pre-treatment cream.

The result of the treatment is visible immediately for a few minutes after the treatment, followed by a swelling that may last for several days. The visible plasma dots are cosmetically covered by special AfterCare products and protected against environmental influences.
For optimal results, it is very important that clients adhere strictly to the AfterCare concept.

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100% Made in Germany – 100% EU – compliance.

The Planoplas plasma pen was developed entirely according to Markus Müller’s own standards and based on his experience. The Plasmapen is manufactured completely in Germany and complies with all EU directives, thus guaranteeing the highest quality, Professional, certified users in the whole  of Europe.

The Müller family is keen to give customers across Europe the opportunity to be professionally treated with the plasma method. To ensure this, they are constantly expanding their network of certified PlanoPlas plasma users far beyond Germany.