The new Réjuvapen NXT® is the next evolution for micro-needling. This new and improved easy-to-use, effective micro-needling tool can easily help repair deep damage to the skin without causing further scarring or discomfort.

The Réjuvapen NXT® has 12 micro-needles that pierce the skin in a specific formation so as not to tear the dermis during treatment. Once the treatment is completed there are a vast number of benefits experienced from the device’s innovative ergonomic design, adjustable speed dial with 9 separate settings and conical-shaped gauge needles.

Rejuvapen treatments take, from 90mins which includes consultation and numbing of the treatment area, for your comfort. After treatment you’ll be given aftercare which includes Medik8 aftercare kit:

• Calmwise Soothing Cleanser

• Ultimate Recovery Intense

• Advanced Day Total Protect

To try this advanced treatment, you can purchase a single one area treatment £100

Course treatments for optimum results, 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart preferable prices:

• £270 Face

• £390 Face & Neck (Including Dermalux session prior, for optimal results)

• Dermalux 48hrs pre treat and 48hrs post treatment, Flex hire for 5 days special £50.

• Body areas priced on consultation