Food Intolerance Test


Easy to use home-to-laboratory test kit

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Allergy testing involves the precise measurement of IgE antibodies in the blood; IgE antibodies that have been raised against factors such as foods, pollens, grasses, dog and cat skin and hair (dander), and house dust mites. IgE antibodies are present in orders of magnitude lower levels that IgG antibodies in the blood and so the challenge is how to measure these IgE antibodies accurately. YorkTest have been offering blood allergy testing for over 20 years and we originally asked people to obtain a full blood draw from a phlebotomist for the test; a finger prick of blood wasn’t sufficient with the old technologies and more blood was needed.


Over the past few years, YorkTest has made a significant investment in new technology, CE marked (UK and European approved) laboratory instrumentation, comprising membrane-based enzyme immunoassays for the quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE antibodies, at our ISO13485 accredited laboratory. This new technology provides IgE allergy testing that is sensitive enough for use with just a finger-prick of blood. The test results obtained have been evaluated in comparison with the “gold standard” ImmunoCAP®️ system and full traceability to WHO standard 75/502 for IgE has been demonstrated. This means that the results provided are hospital standards equivalent to results obtained at NHS laboratories.



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